Peter Terrin | Belgium 13/03/ 1974

Art has always been a part of Peter’s being. There were no defining or pivotal moments which
determined the course of his life. His need to paint has always been as vital as breathing and eating; providing necessary fuel for the mind and soul.

His passion for people was reinforced through years of travel after graduating from Textile Design School in Belgium. Peter uses his unique style to capture emotion, mood and feeling through pallet knives and acrylic paint on large scale canvas.

Peter’s disciplined approach to his art is reflective of the same dedication needed for his other passion as a triathlete and his core belief that life is beautiful.


  • Opening Terrin Art Gallery, Tulum Mexico 2020
  • Solo Show Porsche, Cancun Mexico 2019
  • Imar Art Gallery, Mykonos Greece 2019
  • Jorge Mendez Art Gallery, Palm Springs USA 2019
  • Group Exhibition Bajo la Ceiba del Mayab, Merida Mexico 2018
  • Colores de Yucatan
    Senado, Mexico City 2017
  • Fearlessly Authentic
    Bruges, Belgium 2017
  • Todos tenemos historias
    Merida, Mexico 2016
  • Art Monaco 2015
  • ArtExpo New York 2015
  • Spectrum Art Miami 2014
  • Kayapo Guardians of the Rain Forest Toronto 2014
  • Shared Interest New York 2014
  • Coming Home/ Solo Show Belgium 2014
  • Brussels Art Fair 2013
  • Gallery de Kunstkeuken Netherlands 2012
  • Faces of the Universe Mexico 2012


  • Diario de Yucatan 2016
  • Al Hayat, U.A.E. 2014
  • Het laatste nieuws Belgium 2014
  • De streekkrant Belgium 2014
  • De weekbode Belgium 2012-2014
  • Beyond the Route Magazine 2013
  • ARQROO Arquitectura de Quintana Roo 2012